Apparently there are some positives that can come out of this show, besides the scientific research we conduct on the first of every month when we see what items will stick to an attractive girls body. Or annually when we bring you the Hottest Mom on the Central Coast or find out who the Hottest Newschick is… We here at Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning seem to be somewhat successful in shaping today’s aspiring broadcasting youth. This is a Facebook message we received from an intern who worked with us a little over a year and a half ago. 


Who would have ever thought this girl would have any thing nice to say about us after Jeremy creeped her out imagining her in her panties.

Or after we exposed her for being a shallow sorority sister.

Maybe all the abuse she endured here taught her that religious radio was much less personal. Ah….We kid because we love. Thanks for all the kind words Diana.  We are glad you are having a good time in this business. Take care and keep in touch!

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