This Morning Ryan Buell from Paranormal State talked with us about some of the more interesting cases the crew at Paranormal State have investigating.


Yesterday we had a spirited discussion about whether or not the recession was truly over…


This morning we had a chance to talk with Curtis Greco who is one of the foremost authorities on campaign rhetoric, and why we should watch out for things like news reports about the “Recession Being Over”.

If you would like to read up on Campaign Rhetoric and what politicians actually mean when they say things like “Stimulus Package” and “The Recession is Over” click here.

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  1. Ryan, I read an article to where your sexuality seemed to be questioned as for the ability to be a paranormal researcher. That just didn’t make any sense to me man. Why would should such a thing be questioned. I’m gay, I’m openly gay and I’m proud of who I am. I love all people and I really treat all people with the same respect that I would like others to treat me with. Ryan, don’t ever allow anyone to influence who you are or what you do in life based on who you are in their eyes. Your a human being, just like me, that deserves the same love and respect as anyone else. I like ya… And I watch Paranomal State every chance I get.