… or just the chance to win $100k? 

Is it just us or is this the Bitter Beer Face guy from the old Keystone commercials.

Meet David Winkelmann he was listening to 93.5 KORB-FM . . . 93 Rock . . . when a DJ offered $100,000 to anyone who tattooed the station logo on their forehead.  He AND his stepson both got the 93 Rock logo on their foreheads, including their motto, quote, “The Quad City Rocker.”  But when they went to collect their prize money, the station told them it was all a PRACTICAL JOKE . . . there was no money. David sued the station, but the suit was dismissed when David failed to show up for court proceedings. Recently David won the award for the best mugshot ever when he was arrested…. for get this… not showing up in court on an unrelated incident.

David was lucky enough to get another award on the show this morning. DUMBASS OF THE DAY!

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