If you were listening to us this morning then you know about the unnamed Atascadero Woman who was able to wiggle her way out of a set of handcuffs during a DUI stop and play a little game of Hide and Seek with them in her hoohaa. To get a much more professional breakdown of what happened check out the video below.

News is out this morning that this woman may have been taking her cues from everyones favorite heiress. Paris Hilton’s friend known only as “Caroline” is on the record saying that Paris only asked to go to the bathroom so she could hide her Cocaine in her most intimate  or in Paris’ case most public of places. Read More about it here

Jeff and Jeremy question how common of a practice this whole hiding things in your hoohaa phenomenon is

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  1. I refuse to watch your crappy commercials

  2. Screw you for putting a commercial for some frikken furniture store that I will never, EVER visit, in the way of the video that I though I was going to see.

    Again, I repeat …
    SCREW YOU!!!!

  3. It’s safe to say that when the officer couldn’t find the handcuffs, something fishy was going on.

  4. They don’t call it “nature’s pocket” for nothing!