Apparently kids who’s mothers drank moderately (1-2 drinks a week) during their pregnancy have less behavioral problems than kids who’s mothers abstained.

Good news for pregnant ladies who are craving the occasional drink: Yet another study shows that light drinking is A-OK during pregnancy. London researchers looked at 11,500 children born between September 2000 and January 2002 whose mothers were divided into categories based on how much they drank while pregnant. The children of light drinkers (1-2 drinks per week) were found, at age 5, to have no behavioral or intellectual problems. The same children had already been studied at age 3, with similar results noted.

In fact, children of light drinkers were 30% less likely to have behavioral problems than children of women who abstained – and scored higher on mental development tests. Children of heavy drinkers (seven or more drinks a week), on the other hand, were more likely to have behavioral or emotional problems. The British government still advises pregnant women to abstain, however. Much more info in the link below.

Here is the link to the entire story

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It is not often that we will get an instant message on the facebook.  When we do it is usually Jeremy’s fishing buddy or one of Jeff’s old high school friends.

This is what came up Yesterday Morning. 

We don’t know how this came up… If when she filled out the test, it automatically sent the results to all her freinds… or is she telling the world how smart she is????

Well…ahem… here we find out. And Charlene is not too happy about it!

The Best IT department on the central coast (our listeners) lets us know how this disaster happened in the first place.