We really haven’t had a chance to talk about this since the word came out several weeks ago that Brett Favre was sending pics of his junk to a hottie sideline reporter that ironically got her job the same way Ines Sainz did… BY BEING HOT! Did she really expect the Jets Personel to ask her about the Dime Package?

We are pretty sure EVERYONE including Miss FSU knew the reason why she was hired. All Jets fans get bored of the Dime Package from time to time and want to feast their eyes on something more appealing. That being said.

She probably didn’t expect to hit on by the Future Hall Of Fame quarterback

Or continue to get pestered by him after turning down his initial advances

But really …. I mean really.

He couldn’t use a better choice of words, since when the story broke it was about him having a certain “Jet” in his hands?

If you’d like to take Jenn into your hands 😉 click on her pic below

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