I had trouble sleeping last night and ran across these things on the Boob Tube!

… and the Governer of Pennsylvania was calling us a nation of sissys because we didn’t want to have a football game played in a blizzard! He should (like many other politicians) be focusing on more important things like …um… I don’t know… PAJAMA JEANS!

This was the closest thing I could find to a review online about these things.

“Are you tired of going to the club, and drinking all night being a slut, but too exhausted to change into your pajamas, after the guy you hooked up with leaves a cigarette in your hair and you wake up to the smell of your scalp burning so you kick the guy out, and want to crash, for the coming hangover in the morning, before work in 2 hours? Then wake-up and leave? your Pajama Jeans on! Why hassle with hygiene when you got on Pajama Jeans!”
left by sugarjunkfood on the youtube comments
If someone that goes by the handle of “sugarjunkfood” has such kind words to say about a product like this, do you really think they work???