Jeremy’s Paper Boy is trying to get a tip from him even though he doesn’t receive the paper anymore… Here is what many of you had to say about it.

According to CNN this is what you are supposed to give to your service providers.

Child Care:

 —Babysitter.  One night’s pay, plus a small gift from the child.

Nanny.  One week to one month’s pay, plus a small gift from the child.

Daycare provider$20 to $70 each, plus a small gift from the child.

Child’s teacher.  A gift.

Coaches, tutors, music teachers, and dance teachers.  A small gift from the child.

 Home and Car Care:

 —Housekeeper.  One week’s pay or more, depending on how long they’ve been with you.

 —Garbageman$15 to $20 each. 

 —Parking attendant$10 to $35.

 —Gardener$20 to $50.


 —Doormen$25 to $100 each.

Superintendent/custodian$50 to $300.

Porter/handymen$10 to $50 each.

 Personal Care:

 —Hairdresser$20 to $100, plus a small gift.

Manicurist$10 to $50, plus a small gift.

Personal trainer$25 or the cost of one session.

 Pet Care:

 —Dog groomer.  Small gift.

Dog walker or pet sitter.  Cost of one to two weeks’ pay.

 Delivery Services:

 —Mailman.  They can’t accept cash gifts, so a gift under $20.

 —UPS or FedEx guy.  A gift under $25.

 —Paper carrier$15 to $25 for daily delivery, $5 to $15 for weekend delivery.

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  1. J&J I was told about your paper carrier’s temerity in asking for a tip after almost a full year of service—–you let your subscription lapse, does that offset a year of service??
    As a carrier myself, I can understand the request————-we get paid an average of nine cents a paper M-S, and on Sundays .32.
    As a rule you can get your paper delivered anywhere you want it ( short of on your kitchen counter next to your coffee machine) On rainy days we double-bag to ensure your satisfaction. And we’re responsible for any missing papers—ANY—- flood, fire, tornado-doesn’t matter—WE’RE CHARGED THREE DOLLARS!!
    All the carriers I work with are GREAT people—-very supportive of each other—-and we’re out there delivering your papers 365 days a year!! We’re working the way mail carriers used to work!! So have a little respect!!!

  2. J & J, I am as well a carrier for over 17 years and in fact have NOT had one day off in over 9 years! Yes, I chose this profession and absolutely love what I do. I believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I do agree that if your subscription ran out and you had not received a paper since with exception to the one with the card I do get that, however, implying that we are “Lazy” Is not only irresponsible but quite offensive! I personally deliver anywhere from 400-800 papers, drive over 100 miles daily, and eight different publications locally every day, we also have a deadline and yes it might take 5-10 seconds to run that paper up to your porch but figure in the time if we had to do that to every customer! These papers also do not magically come to us: Folded, put together, bagged and or banded, we get paid per piece rates and have to purchase all our own supplies, so yes we do depend on tips due to the fact we provide a service, a service in which ALL carriers take immense pride in. I am not sure which one of you made this erroneous statement but You think this job is easy? You think we just sit in our vehicles and just throw papers out the window? How about you step up to the plate and back up what you have stated. HERE IS A PROPOSITION for whichever one of you stated we are “Lazy” I will personally invite you to ride with me on a Sunday morning between 12:00am-07:00am? You may then adjudicate yourself and perhaps have a better understanding of what we do, then your opinion may be valid!
    Stacy (Grover Beach) You have my email address, lets set it up so you can talk the talk you have spewed.

  3. I am a Tribune carrier – and all that I have talked with are in agreement that Cole, who delivers to the gated community on 5th Street in Grover Beach had a lot of nerve requesting a tip from a non-customer.

    But please guys – do show a little respect for carriers. We are not lazy. We work 7 ‘days’ a week. “Days” because we are up in the very early morning hours. All papers must be delivered by 5:30 am or we are charged $3 by the Tribune. The rates quoted above are accurate and we do not get benefits. The only Christmas bonus that we get from the Tribune is a $5 gift card to Arco – about a days gas.

    We work in all kinds of weather, dodging garbage cans, cars, trucks, etc. Thanksgiving week the temps were below freezing – remember the frost on the ground? My hands felt like they had pins and needles in them from the cold.

    The caller who stated that it only takes 5-10 seconds to go from the car to the front door with the paper – Really? Is that all? Wear and tear on my car, from constant stopping, unbuckling my seat belt, get out, go to the porch, get in, buckle up and then go again. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford the ticket from not buckling up. So we are supposed to do this for 300 or so customers every morning, and make our deadline???

    I ‘porch’ papers for the customers that request it, but I have fallen from slipping on ice. Does that mean that I should sue the home owner because I fell on their property?

    I challenge you to go out just one day with a newspaper carrier. Then go on the air and say how lazy you think we are.