Here is the E-Mail that we got from Cindy concerning her awkward christmas party hookup!

Hey Guys – I saw your posting about Christmas parties on facebook… I didn’t want to say anything there because I’m really embarrassed about what happened at my Christmas party last weekend and don’t know what to do about it know at work. This week has been hell so far. I had a lot to drink at the Christmas party and I was hanging out with a guy I work with who was also drunk. He is 10 years older than me, and I feel really weird because I let him feel me up and we made out a little bit. I feel a little violated because he is my superior in the work place, but I also didn’t stop him from making out with me. He has said nothing about it at all this week and is acting like nothing happened. I haven’t told anyone at work about it. What should I do?


From a city here on the Central Coast.

Everybody pretty much thinks she shouldn’t say anything about it.

Leave your suggestions in the Comments section of this post… You Know Cindy is reading it!

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