Here’s Kacey Jordan dishing out the inside scoop on Charlie Sheen’s craziness. Can you trust a pornstar on this kind of thing?

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? Charlie Sheen, after his latest pornstar-laced bender that landed him once again in the hospital, checked himself into rehab for the second time over the weekend. We all knew it would happen, but you know it was necessary when Lindsay Lohan said she was worried about him as she did this morning. Also, one of the hard-partying pornstars that he got down with said he was the “most self destructive person” she had ever met. Check the audio above to hear more about the situation.

Here’s an update on the status of Sheen’s “porn utopia”.

Here’s Charlie Sheen on one of his many forays into the porn industry.


Here’s our discussion on modern-day Hanson as well as Brett the Intern’s sad VIP experience.

A discussion on the fall of The Jonas Brothers got us onto the subject of the boy band Hanson.  Since they’re still touring, we figure it must suck for them when they try to play new music but all they hear is “PLAY MMMMBOP!” from the 30 year-old soccer moms reliving their tween glory days.

Well it turns out Taylor, the middle HanBro, is the lead singer for the new “supergroup” along with guitarist Jimmy Iha (from the Smashing Pumpkins), bassist Adam Schlesinger (from Fountains of Wayne), and Bun E. Carlos (from Cheap Trick) called Tinted Windows.  What do you think? Are these guys rockin’ or just the next group of washed up musicians on their last hurrah?

Here’s the audio of a caller telling us about HanBro’s supergroup “Tinted Windows”.


Jeff reads the seven lamest car modifications and Jeremy tells us about his old low rider club.

It used to be that all you needed was a Muscle Car like a Corvette or a Mustang and it was the absolute chick magnet… Nowadays women think you are trying too hard if you go that route.

So our question to you is what is the new Corvette or Mustang.  Probably not the car on the left… Let us know by logging on to our Facebook or leaving your comments in the comments section on this post!

Here is Guyism’s 7 most ridiculous ways to customize your car.


Oh Chuck. You make this blogging job easy. He was back to his old tricks this weekend, reportedly on a 36 hour bender of booze, blow, and babes.

While he was with his ladies (which consisted of five pornstars including  the now infamous Kacey Jordan) he was delivered a brick of cocaine in a designer briefcase.  Unfortunately for him, in the midst of it all his ol’ hernia problem acted up resulting in some serious abdominal pains for the Two and a Half Men star. His neighbors thankfully called 911 and Sheen was taken to the hospital and treated.  He was released today and will be back to work as usual.

Here’s a shot of Charlie’s coffee table on the night of the bender as seen through the legs of Miss Jordan. 20 points (and an on-air shoutout) if you can tell us what the pink thing is!

What a crazy ass guy.  This is a pretty typical type of occurrence for him, but with over $2.5 million an episode coming to him, can you blame him? What do you think, is he gonna be able to keep up this lifestyle or do you think he’ll die in the process. Let us know by answering our poll question at kzoz.com.  And while you’re at it, check out this report from THG saying that Chuck wants to build a utopia, Playboy Mansion style porn empire.


Ozokidz is the brainchild of the members of OZOMATLI. Who realized that many of their loyal fans are starting to have kids of their own. Ozokidz is a family friendly (hence the 3 O’Clock start time) way to enjoy and expose your children to Ozomatli’s special brand of world music with good vibes. 

For More Information got to SLO Brewing Co.’s website and check it out.  Ozomatli and SLO Brewing Compay is offering tickets for this very special Matinee engagement at 3pm on Saturday.

We will be talking with the guys from the band on Friday’s show at 9:20. Please join us then.


Steve Carrell is permanently leaving The Office before the end of this season.  This got us wondering who his replacement would be as the head hancho in Scranton.  A lot of rumors have pointed to Ed Helms or Ricky Gervais stepping in to take over the position.

But Jeff has a different idea…

Because Will Ferrell will be coming in for a four-episode story arc at the end of the season, he thinks that the man behind Ricky Bobby and Ron Burgundy will be the new regional manager.  What do you think? Who should take the reins of the show? You can answer in the poll below.


We were talking about Limp Bizkit and the ridiculousness of their career. This band that put out “Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water” has gone six times Platinum but now is only ridiculed.  We decided that they would never be able to have a comeback.  This got us wondering which other bands that were once hugely popular would never be able  to be popular again.  We had a lot of callers share their opinions. Some of our favorites:

Oasis, Smashmouth, Hootie and the Blowfish, Spin Doctors, and Huey Lewis and the News! Put these guys on a “Washed Up Soft Rock” Tour and Jeremy would be all over it.

What do you think? Have any bands jumped the shark for you? Let us know by leaving a comment or heading over to the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

We also briefly brought up Jimmy Buffet’s on-stage (or off-stage in this case) fall. Apparently it was pretty brutal, but since he’s out of the hospital we think it’s prime time to make fun of him. Check out this link to view the top 30 on stage falls of all time and let us know if Jimmy deserves a spot on the list.


Here’s a couple of our lady listeners chiming in with their favorite way to seduce their man.

We were having an argument after yesterday’s show talking about whether we thought  a woman was more seductive in a bikini or in a school girl outfit.  Jeff was adamant that the bikini was sexier, but Brett was a huge fan of the school girl. This got us wondering what the most seductive outfit could be for a woman. Do people prefer lingerie, bikinis, themed outfits, or nothing at all? Let us know your opinion by answering our poll question here.

Click play to hear our arguments for which type of outfit is most seductive on a woman.



Here’s Jeff bringing up the story of a California lady suing Taco Bell.

A lady in California is suing Taco Bell on false advertising claims when they market their beef tacos as being made of beef.  According to Reuters, the says that the company is using only 35% beef in their tacos whereas the USDA regulation sets the limit for “beef” at 40%. Taco Bell says the suit is nonsense, and they plan to launch a counter suit against the woman for talkin’ smack on their taco meat filling (which is what they call the “seasoned beef” within the company). Here’s an actual list of ingredients of taco meat filling:

Ground Goat Meat
Microwaved Beef Product

(You can find the actual list here.)

An ex manager for Taco Bell called in and told us some cost saving tricks of the trade.

What do you think? Does this lawsuit have any meat to it? Let us know in the comments or on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.


Click play to hear the audio of Arturo’s call in to the show.

Today we had Anna in from Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo to talk about Mentor Day.  This got us to the topic of the annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraiser that Jeff and Jeremy participate in, and how they were shellacked by the news people of KCOY last year.  Jeremy called out Arturo, KCOY night anchor, on allegedly accepting his prize instead of donating it back to the cause. Arturo was actually listening and called up the show to call Jeremy a liar and accept the challenge for this year.  The odds will be stacked a little differently now that KZOZ has legendary bowler Brett the Intern on their team.

Here’s Jeremy and Arturo on their way down to the End of the Line. How cute.