Homeless man-turned MSNBC/Kraft Foods announcer Ted Williams is checking himself into rehab, a Dr. Phil show rep confirms.

Williams, who became a viral internet sensation for his golden voice, admits in an episode of the Dr. Phil show to air Thursday that he has started drinking again. He had been sober for two years.

Williams was briefly detained by police Monday night in Hollywood after getting into an altercation with his daughter, Janey, who accused him of drinking, which he denied at first.

Dr. Phil convinced Williams to enter rehab off-camera, GossipCop.com reports.

Williams’ spots for MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign begin airing late last week.

Jeff and Jeremy had quite the tussle about whether or not Ted Williams deserved all he got this morning.

After the dust settled on that argument, we got to talking about who the worst celebrity endorsers of all time are.


Check out our “Dumbass of the Day” segment and our conversation with Jeff Leppard.

For today’s Dumbass of the Day, we focused on an ad placed by the Def Leppard tribute band Pyromania.  The band was looking for a new drummer, preferably someone with a flame retardant drum set and, more importantly, one arm.  Now we all know that Rick Allen, the real Def Leppard’s drummer, lost an arm in a car accident, so a lot of people have been giving this ad a bad rap.  We decided to call the guy on the ad, and the phone was answered by “Jeff Leppard”. He went on in his best rock star impersonation for a while before admitting that someone had put his number on this ad on as a joke and he’s been getting tons of calls about it ever since.  Pyromania posted a blog on their website acting extremely offended. We decided that for being way too sensitive, they deserve to be Jeff and Jeremy’s DUMBASS OF THE DAY!

I mean come on, how can you take these guys so seriously?

Listen and Discuss


Click play to hear what the Auburn gas startion attendants had to say about War Eagle.

After Auburn’s victory over Oregon in the BCS National Champion Game, head coach Gene Chizik kept saying “War Eagle!” over and over.  We asked about this on Facebook and got a few responses about the myth behind the saying. Brett looked it up on Wikipedia and got something entirely different. So to solve the matter once and for all, we figured we would call the people with the most information- the gas station attendants in the town of Auburn.  Really, the only info we got out of these people was that Alabamans are not the brightest of the bunch.

Check the audio to hear the calls!