Oh Chuck. You make this blogging job easy. He was back to his old tricks this weekend, reportedly on a 36 hour bender of booze, blow, and babes.

While he was with his ladies (which consisted of five pornstars including  the now infamous Kacey Jordan) he was delivered a brick of cocaine in a designer briefcase.  Unfortunately for him, in the midst of it all his ol’ hernia problem acted up resulting in some serious abdominal pains for the Two and a Half Men star. His neighbors thankfully called 911 and Sheen was taken to the hospital and treated.  He was released today and will be back to work as usual.

Here’s a shot of Charlie’s coffee table on the night of the bender as seen through the legs of Miss Jordan. 20 points (and an on-air shoutout) if you can tell us what the pink thing is!

What a crazy ass guy.  This is a pretty typical type of occurrence for him, but with over $2.5 million an episode coming to him, can you blame him? What do you think, is he gonna be able to keep up this lifestyle or do you think he’ll die in the process. Let us know by answering our poll question at kzoz.com.  And while you’re at it, check out this report from THG saying that Chuck wants to build a utopia, Playboy Mansion style porn empire.