Charlie Sheen is my… hero?

So it looks like Charlie Sheen is back on the sauce and up to some more shenanigans. This weekend he was in Vegas and met up with pornstar Bree Olson who was in town for the AVN Adult Awards show.  After getting down with her and a couple other unnamed pornstars he headed back to her house in Indiana where she tweeted that she wanted 15 or 20 dudes to come join her and Charlie. Those “lucky” guys. And remember, this girl has a specialty in backdoor fun.

Here’s a pic of Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen’s 23 year old pornstar mistress. Check out Caveman Circus here for more self-shots of Bree looking, well, like a pornstar.

Charlie had to be back in LA by this morning, however, to get back to filming Two and a Half Men. I can only imagine how screwed up that fat half man is going to be after learning from Uncle Chuck .

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