Here’s the audio of Jeff, Jeremy, and Brett the Intern being extremely jealous of the YouTube millionaire.

Here’s a video of comedian Craig Rowen.  He made a series of videos asking for a million dollars from anyone in the world.

Incredibly, it worked. The guy got a million freakin’ dollars for making a YouTube video.  Here’s another video of Rowin showing his “proof” that he’s getting the million bucks.

We decided that this has gotta be a hoax, and we think we’re the first to do so.

UPDATE! We’ve done a little research and found that he’s receiving the check at a performance for the UCB comedy troupe. And he’s a comedian. We think it sounds a little fishy so we’re going on record as the first documented case of someone calling out this guy as a fake! When we’re proven right, Scottie Pippen, Jimmy Buffet, Anfernee Hardaway, Oprah, or any other millionaire out there reading this can send us a million dollars. You can contact us here on Facebook.

Here we show our proof that this guy is a fake!

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  1. Guys really this much press over a publicity stunt ha ha you guys especially should know better than to cover this guy