We were curious to see how people are perceived by the internet world based on their Facebook pages. To figure it out, we had Brett- our intern wonder- check out our page and tell us his impression of the Jeff and Jeremy show.

Jeremy, being the narcissist he is, hijacked the task and had Brett come up with a Facebook-based impression of  him.  After having a day to think about it, Brett talked with ex-intern Rory who came up with the idea of Winnie the Pooh. Jeremy was not impressed, so Brett used his high-tech basic Paint skills, and came up with this ridiculously similar photo (Jeremy had his hair bleached because he “lost a bet”) of Guy Fieri from the Food Network.

I mean look at that, it’s basically the same freakin’ person.  Since the other “famous” Jeremy West is a gay porn star, Jeremy decided he was happy being a fat Winnie the Pooh that’s obnoxious like Guy Fieri. What a life.

While he was at it, Brett put together a picture of Jeff and his doppelganger (in this pic at least), Tony Danza.  Who’s the boss here?

And last but not least, using Jeremy’s first impression, Brett created a photo of himself and Peter Brady.  It’s the hair, man.

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