Yesterday we were talking about how pissed off Bears fans were with Jay Cutler’s pedestrian performance and exit from the game against the Green Bay Packers this weekend. Well it turns out, he might have had a pretty reasonable excuse. Cutler’s MRI results came back and showed that he had a torn MCL, a pretty serious injury that Brett (our lovable intern) also suffered while in high school.

Click play to hear our discussion on Jay Cutler’s emotional moment.

Before this info was exposed, however, a lot of fellow NFL players including Maurice Jones-Drew were tweeting that Cutler didn’t have any heart or toughness. Upon hearing this news, Cutler broke down and showed some tears. Here’s the story as reported by Yahoo! Sports. Did he have the right to cry, or was he just being a baby? Let us know what you think in the comments or on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

UPDATE! Apparently this wasn’t Cutler’s first crying spell. Maybe he should strike up a friendship with John Boehner.

Looks like some Bears fans might be a little too extreme. Click play to hear the story of a car salesman in Chicago who was fired for wearing a Packers tie.

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