Mike finally received his 12 Days of Christmas Prizes on the Show this morning.



If you missed it this is how it went down on December 21st!

Danny shoots and misses and the Mike is there to cherry pick! Congratulations to Mike for scoring Jeff and Jeremy’s 12 Days of Christmas!


Question 1: There were three Interns on Jeff and Jeremy this past callendar year… What were their names? Opie, Snookie, and Rory

Question 2: In Home Alone, what city does Kevin McAlister’s family go to for christmas when he gets left behind? PARIS

Question 3: According to KZOZ Listeners, who is the hottest News Chick on the Central Coast this year? DANIELLE LERNER

Question 4: Who did Margaret Cho babysit this past year? Tripp Johnston

Question 5: What was the name of the first Rock Girl to eat Ice Cream on Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning? Ashley

Question 6: Michael Anthony showcased an APP on his droid when we talked with him earlier this year. What did that APP do? Played Soundbites from David Lee Roth

Question 7: What city plays host to the largest cut Christmas Tree in the United States??? Anthem, AZ (sorry Sheri in Santa Margarita)

Question 8: What was the last team the Cal-Poly Mens Basketball team beat? Hawaii

Question 9: Where did Jeff and becky get married at this year? Santa Margarita Ranch

Question 10 : What Former Child Star performed a Rap Live on KZOZ from the California Mid-State Fair? Barry Williams

Question 11: According to the KZOZ Listeners what Central Coast City has the least attractive people? Atascadero

Question 12 How many prizes will the winner of the 12 Days of Christmas win? 78



Day 1: A $500 Gift Certificate from Best Bike Zone in Paso Robles.

Day 2: Two Night Stay at the Sea Venture Resort.

Day 3: Three Exotic Dancers from Coming Attractions.

Day 4: Four Oil Changes from Wagner’s Auto Import Service Center

Day 5: Five Ski Passes from China Peak Resort.

Day 6: Bottles of wine from Hope Family Wines.

Day 7: Seven Blue Plate Specials from the Applefarm Restaurant

Day 8: Eight Rounds of golf (4 from Avila Beach 4 from Chalk Mountain)

Day 9: Nine Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

Day 10: Ten KZOZ CD’s

Day 11: 11 Random Books

Day 12: 12 Random T-Shirts

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  1. Great job ladies! You look great. Coming Attractons are always the best!