Here’s our discussion on the fall of CDs.

Last week, music sales hit an all-time low as T. Swift managed to top the charts despite selling only 52,000 copies of her album “Speak Now.” Here’s the story as reported by the New York Times. What ever happened to the days of The Rolling Stones selling a million records overnight? I guess this just shows the sad state of the music industry these days. 42% percents of all music sales come from downloads with nearly as many being pirated from online torrent sites.  This got us thinking, when will CDs become extinct? Will there be a day when downloads are the only option with CDs being only a fond memory like records are today? Let us know what you think on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

What will you miss most about CDs when they go extinct?

Update! So it looks like Cake set a new record for the all-time low album sales at the #1 position. Their new album Showroom of Compassion sold 44,000 to eclipse Taylor Swift and her dubious record.

Brett “The Wonder Boy” was finally able to find a glow in the dark CD from none other than the noise band Nirvantallica. Yea, we had never heard of them either.

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