Does Ted Williams, former hobo, deserve a job and his for his silky smooth voice?

We were hoping for change, we just didn’t think it would be spare change.

We loved hearing Ted Williams’ story of redemption.  An ex-broadcaster turns drugs and booze eventually loses everything, but after cleaning up he finds a regular gig: talking in his radio voice for a buck on the side of the road.  A news station picked up on him, and now he’s getting an offer to broadcast for the Cleveland Cavs and, more recently, Kraft who will buy him a house. Great story right?

Not when it turns out the guy has been a homeless pimp pissing in parking lots and stealing from cars as recently as two months ago! People have been pretty quick to give this guy everything regardless of the depth of his criminal record and, get this, NINE illegitimate children. Click the link to hear what we had to say about it.

Here’s the video of Ted Williams:

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