Here’s our Dumbass of the Day segment about the colonoscopy doctors at St. Charles Hospital.

Most people have a general trust in their doctors. We hope they know what they’re doing, and that all tools and instruments are up to par.  Well according to KTVZ in Oregon, it looks like the folks at St. Charles Hospital in Bend, Oregon might not be the most competent.

Patients were reporting getting sick after receiving colonoscopies from the hospital.  What from? Apparently “final disinfecting steps” were skipped when cleaning the colonoscopy machines.  This means the wands that are shoved up there were clean, but the water they shot up was not! Because of this, one woman has to undergo several rounds of STD testing and is suing for $270,000 in emotional and medical expenses.  Ya know, I think she might just win it. So moral of the story, if you’re looking to get your backside cleaned out, you may want to avoid bending over in Bend, Oregon.

This got us thinking about the worst way that you’ve ever been wronged by a doctor. Visit us on Facebook and let us know!

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