Here’s our conversation with Sarah’s 96 year old great grandma, Millie.

We were asking our callers our poll question of the day: Is Chuck Liddell or Jack Lalanne more famous? Listener Sarah called in with her opinion before letting us know that her great grandma is still alive in Canada at age 96.  We decided to give her a call to find out what the secret to life is.  Her response: NOT DYING! Check out our conversation with this lovely lady by clicking on the audio player above.

No, this is not Sarah’s great-grandmother.

To settle the debate on who’s more famous we decided to call up some gas stations in Peoria, Illinois- a city randomly chosen by Brett the Intern via a road atlas (whatever the hell that is). Turns out, after calling four stations, two clerks knew of Chuck Liddell while three knew of Jack Lalanne. This proves it: Jack Lalanne is and will be more famous. Sorry Chuck.

Here’s our conversation with four of Peoria’s most renown gas station clerks. Would you like that Premium Unleaded or as a pizza?

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