Click play to hear what the Auburn gas startion attendants had to say about War Eagle.

After Auburn’s victory over Oregon in the BCS National Champion Game, head coach Gene Chizik kept saying “War Eagle!” over and over.  We asked about this on Facebook and got a few responses about the myth behind the saying. Brett looked it up on Wikipedia and got something entirely different. So to solve the matter once and for all, we figured we would call the people with the most information- the gas station attendants in the town of Auburn.  Really, the only info we got out of these people was that Alabamans are not the brightest of the bunch.

Check the audio to hear the calls!

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  1. Auburn is a confused bunch of red necks (who cheat $$$)!

    War Cam Damn Tiger Eagle


  2. Wow!! I can not believe that there is only one d*** comment to this!! It’s a travesty! (but very funny – especially if you have ever lived in Auburn!! (AU 2005 – WDE!)).

    And I agree you should have asked if these people have actually ever attended Auburn. It is a wonderfully fun college town with most of them being actual Auburn fans……..but there is that sacred few that may not have actually atttended school at all…(adds character to the town).

    Anyways, I feel compelled now to post this to my FB page to my fellow Auburn folk, so that you can learn the true meaning of War Eagle!! (It’s actually a murky history from the time before the internet where tradition prevailed and only men actually went to university.)

    Loved listening to this! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!! Y’all would fit in great in Auburn!

    P.S. The only reason I even found this link was I was researching “Tiger” (the eagle) for my friend (who lives in California) who has an 8 year old boy who is writing a research paper on golden eagles. She just mentioned it in passing to me and bless her heart……..She got an earful on most famous golden eagle of all!!