Jeff and Jeremy’s Dumbass of the Day

Today’s Dumbass of the Day told the story of a British man who went to some pretty serious means to avoid a divorce with his wife.  The man, a relatively powerful immigration agent, put his wife on the terrorist watch list when she went to visit some family in Pakistan.  He thought he had it made when he found out she had been denied her return to England for THREE YEARS! Well, eventually the stunt cost him his job and when she returned, probably the function of his man parts. This got us thinking about different ways we’ve gotten girls to break up with us in the past.  How about you? Have you ever gone to some extreme measures to get dumped? Let us know by leaving a comment or responding on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

Here’s the stories as told by Brett and Jeff

Here’s a link to a Guyism article with tips on losing your girl.

Click play to hear the stories of Steve and Pooch doing their damndest to get dumped.

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