Here’s our conversation with Bo on the life of a Trader Joe’s artist.

Jeff was walking through Trader Joe’s in San Luis Obispo when he started wondering about the origin of all the hand written price signs.  Do they have a bunch of these signs in stock, or are there actually people on the payroll who have the job of artist? Well it turns out Bo has this title, and he had some pretty interesting stuff to say. Check the audio for more!

Here’s our chat with our listener Chad, the paid terrorist impersonator!

The interview with Bo got us thinking about other jobs that have some pretty cool perks.  For example, our job allows us to do things like hurl mac and cheese at scantily clad women.  We had some callers call in and let us know their perks like sleeping on the job putting cameras in race cars for television. I think our favorite was a guy who found a job on Craigslist: He went over to Camp Roberts and dressed up as an Afghan militia member and fake attacked the soldiers as part of their training. Let us know your cool job or job perks by writing on our wall at the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page!

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