Listen to Jeff, Jeremy, and Brett the Intern try to figure whether this is actually a good thing he’s doing or if Charlie is just throwing his parent companies under the bus.

So as we all know, Charlie Sheen has been up to some pretty serious shenanigans these past couple of months. These landed him in the hospital a couple times and now in rehab which he’s doing at his own house. Because of this, Two and a Half Men is on a five week hiatus while he gets cleaned up. He’s missing out on his millions of dollars, but more importantly, the rest of the staff working on the set isn’t getting paid. Chuck’s been feeling the heat over this and now in a gesture of goodwill has, according to this USA Today article, offered to pay one third of the staff’s salary if CBS and Warner Brothers pays the rest.

Really man?? It is 100% your fault that these people out of work and you only want to pay 33% of what they should be making? You make over two million bucks PER EPISODE. This wouldn’t even dent your pockets. Check out the audio above to hear our whole discussion on the topic (coming soon).

While we’re here, check out this poll by the Hollywood Reporter. Tere’s some pretty ridiculous results that prove Jeff’s point that Charlie Sheen, like Kiefer Sutherland, is like Teflon.

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