Here’s Jeff, Jeremy, and Brett the Intern discussing the songs they hate to love to sing.

Yesterday, Jeff was out in the bullpen doing some work when he heard one of our fellow DJs playing “All Out of Love” by Air Supply over and over.  Now Jeff claims to hate this song, but after hearing it for the third time he wound up belting out “I’M SO LOST WITHOOOUT YOUUUU!” and began questioning both his musical tastes and his sexuality.  But really, we all do it. Brett the Intern found himself singing along with Creed’s “Higher” and Jeremy is always singing lame ass songs he lies about not liking.  Is it possible that we all actually like the terrible songs that get stuck in our heads? Or is it just that these songs are infectious and designed to crawl into your brain and stay there? Let us know by answering our poll question over at kzoz.com!

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