Here’s the guys talking about the survey results. Maybe girls like guys who don’t read? Then some of us might actually be in luck.

Nerds, it looks like you might be out of luck. A new survey on gadgetology says that most women do not find new technology, like iPads and Kindles, to be attractive. In fact, 64% of women say it’s more attractive to see a man reading a regular book than using his new gadget. This might not be the case here on the Central Coast however. Our poll question on kzoz.com is telling us that a Kindle is equally as attractive as a guy reading a newspaper (as of 9 am on Thursday). Head over here and leave your opinion, Brett the Intern needs to know for “research” purposes.

Here’s a call from listener Linda giving her anti-gadget and gizmo rant.

Here’s a call from our buddy Pat the Trucker, who makes the trek from Reno to San Luis Obispo three times a week, telling us about his technique for pickin’ up truck stop babes.

Now on the other hand, it seems like guys just don’t give a crap about a girl’s use of gadgets. It all comes down to what they’re wearing, as you can see by the picture above.

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