Jeff, Jeremy, and Brett the Intern look over the facts to see if Punxsutawney Phil could have any weather predicting powers.

It’s February 2nd again, meaning Punxsutawney Phil has the national spotlight to make his annual weather prediction.  He didn’t see his shadow this morning, meaning spring’s comin’ early this year! Now I’m sure all the people on the east coast are stoked, but really, what the hell? Is there any way this little woodchuck creature could know more about meteorology than Al Rowker? We had Brett the Intern look up some facts to see Phil’s track record and the results were not impressive.  Since the National Climatic Data Center started keeping stats about 30 years ago, he’s been correct only about 39% of the time.  However, for all you believers, there is some good news.  There are 14 famous groundhogs (and I use the term famous very lightly) across the country and 10 of them predicted an early spring, including the second most famous “Staten Island Chuck.” This guy might take the crown from Phil because of his 80% success rate. Check out our poll at kzoz.com to let us know what you think of Punxatawney Phil.

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