Here’s Jeff and caller Carson telling there story of some ungrateful and undeserving panhandlers.

Jeff was walking down the streets of San Luis Obispo, the happiest city in America, when he was asked for some change by a homeless person.  No big deal right? Well this guy is sitting around listening to his freakin’ iPod.  A $200 piece of equipment that Jeff doesn’t even have! Obviously, he didn’t get any change, but it got us talking about homeless folks who have it better than us.  Has this happened to you? Let us know on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page and check the audio for some more stories!

Check out this clip of brett getting pitched the idea of being homeless for 24 hours. What do you think, where’s the best place for him to stay the night?

And here’s a quick screenshot of the ShowMe’s website that Jeff was talking about.  It’s a pretty obvious and blatant ripoff of Hooter’s, but what do you think? Are you like the homeless guy in the midwest who’s scared of their butts falling out of their shorts?

Oh, and if you think this computer  looks ancient, help lobby Jeff and Jeremy to get Brett the Intern a new one!

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