Here’s the guys discussing the odds of anybody coming to today’s rainy day dedication.

Today the recently paved bike path next to Madonna Mountain is going to be dedicated by Jan Marx in one of her first official acts as mayor of San Luis Obispo.

The discussion becomes an argument as some listeners call in with their opinions on the bet.

Now, it’s a pretty sweet path, but we’re more interested in how many people are gonna show up to the thing. The forecast shows for over an inch of rain an hour, so Jeff is thinkin’ that less than 15 people are gonna show up.  Brett and Jeremy took the over on this one, regardless of the rain with the winner getting a Firestone tri-tip and a pitcher of beer.  Now, we had a pretty huge argument over the whole thing, which all boiled down to whether or not the bet should be on if the event is cancelled because of the weather.  The decision was ultimately made by callers, but you can hear the whole heated discussion in the audio clips!

Now at this point I can’t believe there wasn’t a fist fight. But the callers resolved the issue: the bet stands!

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