Who would be the best person to endorse Alcoholic Gatorade?

Who would be the best person to endorse it? We had a couple callers call in with the obvious answers of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, but we were thinking more athletes.  Jeremy came up with Big Ben Rothelisberger, but then the flood gates had been opened. Everyone from John Daly and Dennis Rodman to Eli Manning (who was arrested for public drunkenness while at Ole Miss and took the hilarious drunk picture to the left) were brought up.  Brett the Intern thinks it should be JaMarcus Russell, an active player who needs to stay in shape while still drowning his sorrows for being a humongous bust.  Who do you think should endorse this fictional drink? Let us know by posting on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page. If you need some help with ideas, check out this kickass website.

Here’s some more listener and Facebook ideas for Faderade spokespeople.

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