Here’s the explanation of the game and the guys pick their candies.

After giving away a $100 gift card to the Spyglass Inn during the Cupid Intern of Love, we realized that we still had a hundred more bucks to give away! So we decided to hold the Sweethearts Classic, a competition in which Jeff, Jeremy, and Brett the Intern would call golf courses in a random city and try to keep the employee on the line as long as possible by using only the words on six Sweethearts candies that they pulled from the box.  We had three listeners call in who picked one of the guys to root for.

Here’s the audio of the listener draft and the first two golf course calls!

Brett went first and managed to last for 17.9 seconds.  Jeremy followed up with a meager 17.4 seconds.  Finally , Jeff came in and blew them all away with over 30 seconds on the line, meaning our listener Jeremy (not the DJ) won the gift card.  Check the audio for more!

Here’s a quick clip of Jeff making his golf course call and blowing everybody out of the water to win a $100 gift card to Spyglass Inn for Jeremy in San Luis Obispo.


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