Here’s Jeff and Jeremy talking about the proper gift procedure with their wives while Brett explains why he gets to save his financial aid money.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day today, we were talking about the perils of gift giving.  Even if you’ve agreed to go cheap with your gifts, is it still okay to just get your girl a card? We turned this question on price for VD into our poll question which you can answer at kzoz.com.

Here’s the guys discussing the best way to handle last minute Valentine’s gifts.

This talk got us thinking about last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for the procrastinators among us.  We came up with all of the universal standards like chocolates and flowers, but we also got a lot of suggestions from callers ranging from hand written poetry to discount massages.  Based on the poetry suggestion, Brett the Intern actually wrote a poem for Jeff’s wife (which was as romantic as a damn sunset, if I do say so myself).  Check out the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page to let us know what you think the best last minute Valentine’s Day presents are!

Here’s a quick clip of Brett reading the Valentine’s Day poem he wrote for Jeff’s wife using topic suggestions from Jeff and Jeremy.

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