Here’s the brief saga of Miguel Cabrera as discussed by Jeff and Jeremy.

Miguel Cabrera was out in Florida over the past few days working on his tan when he ran into some trouble.  A Florida state police officer found Cabrera’s car pulled over with the engine smoking on the side of the highway. When the cop went to check it out, Cabrera, who was obviously hammered drunk, took a swig out of a bottle of Scotch right in front of him.  The cop tried to arrest him for drunk driving when Miggy jumped into the road in front of other cars with his hands up yelling “F*** YOU!) at the officer.  Eventually the officer had to drive 3 or 4 knee spikes into Cabrera’s thigh.  Oh Miguel, you poor drunk son of a bitch.  Looks like you might be skipping Tiger’s spring training and heading with Charlie Sheen to some UCLA baseball games.

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