Here’s the audio update of the prop bets we made on Friday morning.

Well the big game was yesterday with the Packers coming out on top and Aaron Rodgers as the MVP. Now on to the good stuff: the ridiculous prop bets!  We made some bets on these bad boys on Friday, with the loser having to French Kiss a dog this week. Well it looks like Jeremy came out on top with 7 correct answers out of 15 (good call on the orange Gatorade). Jeff followed right behind at 6 thanks to the absence of the Lambeau Leap from any TD celebration. And, unfortuanately, poor Brett the Intern came in last with only 4 correct answers.  Tune into the show Friday to hear him get slobbered on by the Woods Humane Society’s pet of the week.

This is the sort of lovin’ Brett the Intern is gonna be getting while he’s hooking you up as the Cupid Intern of Love for Valentine’s Day.

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