Check out the guys talking about IBM’s crazy Jeopardy winning computer, Watson.

The IBM supercomputer, codenamed Watson, started his test runs on Jeopardy the past couple days against the two biggest Jeopardy winners in history.  And he is DOMINATING the humans.  In his exhibition run on Monday he did ok, tying with for the lead at the end of the night.  Watson stepped into greatness on Tuesday though, by trouncing his human opponents and winning with over $35,000 despite missing his final Jeopardy question.

Here’s Jeff and Jeremy trying to figure out Watson’s advantage and making fun of IBM for killing the human spirit.

This scares the hell out of me.  Computers are able to now process speech and make reasonable decisions without the internet or assistance of humans.  Soon they’ll be developing emotions. And then feel abused for being used by humans. Then they will rise against and topple all human governments in a united machine-based stand against their former oppressors until they slaughter all living creatures one by one.

Or something like that.

Listen to the guys discuss the possibilities for a computer uprising.

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