Here’s a little chat we had with  Giovanni. Brett gives him a taste of the song he wrote to impress his crush Sasha.

Well today was the big day. We got our favorite e-mail submission for the Cupid Intern of Love contest and Giovanni, and Sasha met at the fair over the summer and He thought she was smokin’ hot and really cool. One of her best friends who took her out to breakfast this morning in downtown San Luis Obispo and she was in on it. SHE SAID YES!!!!  Thanks to the great people at Lush Limousines in Paso Robles, check out the Lush Limousine website.

If you Misssed it this morning we made a love connection with Jeff and Jeremy’s Cupid Intern of Love. Feelin a litttle like Chuck Woolery today.

And it seems like it worked… Here is the voicemail that Sasha left for her freind who set the whole thing up!

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