Here’s Jeff and Jeremy getting bitter over Steve’s Fcebook message.

Yesterday we had a Led Zeppelin trivia question that went awry.  Jeremy had asked the caller to name two colors on the album cover for In Through the Out Door.  The guy answered brown and white, which is actually correct if you look on the direct cover. But Jeremy had been looking at the brown paper packaging that that album originally came in.  This led to some confusion about which we had to have a couple of callers correct us, but really no big deal.

Now this morning we received a message from Steve, and this was no small matter for him.  He said that we were still wrong and there were six, count ’em SIX, different album covers and at least two of them have a RED CHAIR! Apparently our lack of knowledge on this makes it hard for him to listen to the show. Now, people can have their opinions, but we can still make fun of the guy. It seemed a little ridiculous about how nitpicky he was.  Check the audio above to hear Jeff and Jeremy get all bitter as if Steve insulted their mothers!

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