Listen to the guys talk about Jessica Simpson’s ultimatum and the problems with BMI reports.

Jessica Simpson, one of our favorite busty and illiterate “celebrities” to mock,  recently became engaged to former 49ers backup tight end Eric Johnson.  Now this is an extremely healthy guy who lives on a vegan diet. We all know about Simpson’s weight issues, and apparently so does her fiance who gave her an ultimatum: shape up and eat healthy or we’re through.  Apparently this got her down so she self-medicated the best way she knows how- with nachos.

Here’s the smokers peril delivered via some ultimatum stories.

Now this got us thinking about ultimatums we have received in the past.  Both Jeff and Jeremy have received anti-smoking ultimatums (neither of which worked).  We got a call from a listener who got the same one, which led him to leave all of his girlfriend’s stuff on the front porch.  We want to hear some crazier stories from you! Let us know your story by writing on our wall at the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

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