Here’s Brett the Intern and Jeremy showing off their Zeppelin whistling skills.

We realized we just about tapped all of the possible Led Zeppelin trivia in our OutZep the DJ contest.  The questions were getting so ridiculous, I don’t even think Watson could have answered them on Jeopardy.  So we decided to bring back Whack Wednesdays and have the DJs whistle a Zeppelin song for you all to guess.  Since we had the guys from PK in the studio, we decided to have Matt (their premiere whistle artist) join us in the fun.  The competition started out with Brett the Intern giving a gorgeous rendition of Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, but to no avail.  The caller guessed Stairway and was out.  Jeremy followed with the only Zeppelin song he actually knows, Whole Lotta Love, and the caller nailed it. Matt from PK followed by showing off his skills with Black Dog- spot on.  Finally Jeff nailed Stairway to Heaven for great success.  Check the audio clips to hear the good times.

Here’s Matt from PK and Jeff puckerin’ up and laying down some Zeppelin.

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