Who had the worst year? Here’s the guys weighing their options.

After a show filled with politics and heavy topics, we decided to go in a more fun route by laughing at people who have it better than us.  We know Brett Favre had a crap year with ending his streak, getting got with pictures of his pp and all of that nonsense, but Jerry Jones had it pretty bad as well.  He had all these grandiose ideas of winning the Super Bowl in his own stadium and becoming a legend, but really his team was a joke and he had to fire his coach in the middle of the season and is now being sued by Super Bowl goers. What do you think? Did Brett Favre or Jerry Jones have a worse year? Let us know by answering the poll question at kzoz.com or writing on the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

Ah poor Jerry, valued at $1.5 billion. We did the math and the $5 million lawsuit would be the equivalent (with regard to net worth) as Jeff paying $30. Talk about ridiculous.

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