We managed to get a hold of a listener who actually sent herself flowers. She wanted to stay anonymous, but she said it was to keep other guys in her office from hitting on her!

Tom, the guy who works next door to us, came over with a fun fact this morning: 23% of all single women sent themselves flowers yesterday for Valentine’s Day.  What the hell? Is this a little pathetic, or do these ladies have a reasonable excuse for this? We decided to ask our listeners what they thought on our Mueller and Mueller poll at kzoz.com.  Some of the possible reasons we thought of were trying to make someone jealous, crazy, lonely, and many others. But really, we need some more positive possibilities; we don’t want to think that these girls are crazy! Head over and let us know what you think!

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  1. Sending flowers to yourself makes yourself fell good. It gives others the impression that someone cares for you.

  2. I am married and have never received flowers. I found a note that my husband wrote an ex-girlfriend in which he had sent her flowers. I mentioned to him that I liked flowers too—-even those he may pick from a field – wildflowers. Still no response…..so I decided to do something kind for myself.