Here are some clips of Charlie Sheen on Good Morning America.

Charlie Sheen has been doing some TV interviews lately, though obviously not on CBS. He was on Good Morning America on ABC and the Today Show on NBC talking about having Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA.  Assuming he’s serious, this guy is a nut job, but it looks like he passed two different drug tests so he’s clean.  No description can do these interviews justice, so do yourself a favor and check the audio files.

Audio of Charlie on The Today Show.

In more Sheen news, we debuted our new game “Charlie or Mikey”.  Listeners have to guess if certain audio clips are of Charlie Sheen or Mikey from Paso Robles (which is way harder than it sounds. Those guys sound identical.). Today our caller did a damn good job, going 3 for 3 and winning himself some Steve Miller Band tickets for the Midstate Fair.

Check out this first edition of “Charlie or Mikey”!

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