Top 10 things men wear¬†— that women hate:

#1 Socks with sandals

#2 Anything Ed Hardy or Affliction

#3 Skinny jeans

Cheeba came in this morning to give us her take on what this really means to women.

Is there anything you wear that angers your wife or girlfriend?

Do you wear it because you like it? Or … because you know it angers her?


 Vince Neil has spoken out about the altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Las Vegas TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs, last Thursday at the Las Vegas Hilton.

He says, “I never touched her! I was with four hotel executives. They know it didn’t happen.”

Alicia says Neil poked her shoulder, leaving a mark, and verbally accosted her. Neil says, “I didn’t go over to her for any other reason than to be friendly, polite and introduce her to people I was there in business meetings with.”

Neil says Alicia “ran after” him in the casino. “I ignored it and didn’t want any part of it. I turned and walked away without saying a word to her.

So she called the police … Interesting isn’t it that the police never came to talk to me about it. I was even staying in the hotel. Both hotel security and the Hilton people knew exactly which room I was in, so if all of those accusations had been true, they knew exactly where to find me…

Now the fake drama continues — it’s becoming a battery case. It simply didn’t happen, and they all know it.”