Here’s some discussion on the Charlie Shen lawsuit and John Stamos.

According to our favorite and most reputable source TMZ, Charlie Sheen is now getting sued for 20 MILLION DOLLARS on conspiracy charges.  Joe Estevez (Charlie’s uncle) was apparently in talks to take over as “Uncle Joe” on Two and a Half Men or even his own spinoff, but Charlie, his dad Martin, and his mom Janet allegedly blocked any move.  Now Uncle Joe’s ex (and now estranged) lawyer is filing the $20 million suit.  And we thought the Sheen saga couldn’t get any weirder…

That’s Joe Estevez. He’s a scary looking son of a bitch.  A less frightening replacement for Charlie’s character that CBS is (allegedly) looking into is the one and only John Stamos. The guy has done some pretty awesome cameos in recent years (think Entourage) and has uncle experience as Uncle Jesse in Full House.  What do you think? Should Stamos/Estevez take over or should CBS just cancel the show for good?

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