Here’s Gregg Sullivan from ABC Bonding giving us the inside scoop on the life of a bail bondsman.

Today we had Gregg Sullivan, one of our main sponsors for March Mayhem, from ABC Bonding in the studio to talk a little bit about his job and the NCAA tournament.  Before we got into bracket-ology talk, he gave us a run down of a day in the life of a bail bondsman, which with all the tasers and mace, sounds pretty damn interesting.  We got a pretty crazy phone call from a lady who’s ex-fiancee still owes Gregg money from many years ago.  I wish we had video, because he started taking notes and getting into business mode immediately and, well, let’s just say the man’s a professional. If your St. Patty’s Day celebration gets outta hand, give Gregg a call at 544-1000 or visit his website at www.bailbondsabc.com.

Here’s caller Liz letting Gregg know that her ex-fiance still owes him some serious cash.

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