Here are the guys plus some callers giving their opinions on hairy legs and armpits.

Today we were talking about Petra Nemcova being oneof the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars who could help her career the most. This got us talking about models

like Irina Shayk, who was photographed looking smokin’ hot, but with hairy legs!  Since it’s one of the hottest women in the world we really didn’t mind (I mean, hell, it could have been chest hair on her and I would’ve been fine with it) but is it ok on your non-supermodels?

This got us wondering if we would rather have our woman have unshaven legs or armpits.  Jeff and Brett were pretty set on leg hair, but Jeremy was adamant

with his wife having shaved legs rather than pits.  What do you think? If you had to choose one, would you rather have a woman with hairy legs or pits? Let us know by heading over to the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook pag.

We had Suzanne and Cheeba come into the studio to give us some female perspective on the whole body hair situation.

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  1. Well, I say keep it all hairy! I love my hair, and so does my man, but I know he would rather me have armpit hair over anything..LOL
    cut little read you have