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Listen to the guys come up with the idea of selling Jeff’s hair trimmings.

As all of you Bieber Fever fools know, Justice Beaver got a haircut last week and slashed his signature doo. Now even though it led to him losing 100 thousand Facebook fans (that’s more than 100 times more than we have!), it looks like he’s selling the locks on eBay and donating the proceeds to charity.  We were thinking he might get a couple hundred bucks from a dedicated fan, but god were we wrong.  When we first check the auction this morning (with just over an hour left) the hair was going for freakin’ $14,000.  It moved up to $18,000 with 30 seconds left until it jumped up and sold for over 40 grand!  I assume it went to a mustachioed 47 year old overweight man with an assortment of trenchcoats, but maybe I’m wrong (doubt it).

This inspired Jeff, who just got a haircut yesterday, to call up his hair dresser and see if he had any of his old hair lying around. Turns out he does, so we’re putting it up on eBay! We’re setting a goal of ten bucks on Jeff’s golden locks with the proceeds going to SLO Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, so keep an eye out for our eBay auction coming soon!

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