Here’s the guys trying to figure out where all the SLOcialites will go now that Native is out of commission.

Native Lounge, everyone’s favorite euro-hipster hangout in San Luis Obispo, closed down over the weekend because of “economic conditions”. Despite it’s reputation as the SLO gay bar (and coincidentally being a favorite hangout of Jeremy) Native seemed to always have huge lines as all of SLO’s finest attention-seekers, or as we call SLOcialites, waiting to get in. Because of this, we were really surprised to hear about the closing. Now that they can’t head to this seizure-inducing club, where will these SLOcialites get their drunken grind on? We had some callers give their opinion, check the audio to find out!

Here’s a caller giving her opinion on the new trendy hotspot in SLO while Jeff explains what a “SLOcialite” is to Jeremy.

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