Here’s PK giving the results of the contest and some info on their next move.

Now we’ve always wanted to be the ones to break huge news, and we were hoping that would be the case when we had PK on the show today to give us an update on the Rolling Stones top unsigned bands competition. But alas, wahhh wahhhhhhh, they got the thumbs down. And to be honest, it kinda sounds like a crock of sh*t. They were in the top 5 out of the 16 bands in fan voting, but apparently only the top 4 are automatically in. In PK’s case, Rolling Stone made the decision to keep the genres diverse¬† by kicking out the next top rock band (PK) and putting in a rap group.

While this injustice shouldn’t stand, it’s not necessarily a bad things for the boys from Templeton. They can keep kicking ass with their independent releases and DIY tours, only with a little more prestige behind them.¬† Wish ’em luck, and go see them on Thursday night at Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara!

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